The Rachel Zoe Project; Tay-tay's Bye Bye

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I'll admit it I am a MAJOR Zoe head. Rachel, Brad and Rodger! Rach's crazy antics, Brad's rambunctious ways, and Rodger's voice of reason. I was upset to learn last year that Taylor (Tay-tay) would not be a part of season three. She was the spunky business women who seemed to keep the team on track. If you remember there was a major tude change with Tay-tay after Brad stepped into the picture. We all saw Taylor become frustrated with not growing at the rate she wanted to with the company. 

Seeing the premier episode I was hoping to get some background as to what actually happened. Rumors flew around that Tay-tay was just going off on her own. After watching I am left with the impression that Tay was stealing from the company. I have been digging around to try and find out what actually happened and I am afraid to say... I have NO clue what so ever. Being that everything has been so vague, I am in the dark.
Apparently, Rachel decided to "set the record straight" by saying, "That was so real that I cannot even tell you how real that actually was," continuing Rach said "It was like, I hired Brad, this little angel, and then Taylor just went in for the kill. And I, like, did not see it coming. I always knew what she was capable of, but who knew that was going to happen with the camera? ... I don't care what she does. How's that? How's that for an answer?" (WWD)
So I'm like WTH! I still don't know what happened to Tay and why she got fired (if she got fired) I do know she is being represented by Rachel's former agency so who knows!?
Anyone have any insight?
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