Imitation of Brands Zara Men as Balmain Homme

Zara has been known for it's affordable designer imitations since the brand started. It's no surprise that Zara Fall Winter 2010 look-book is immensely influenced by Bailman Homme. It was a bold move on Zara's part to be so heavily inspired by a fashion house with a strong suit in menswear. As much as I enjoy the anatomizing style of Balmain I can not agree with the exorbitant price tags. The specialized collars with strategic slashes, crested buttons, and layering details that would make your head spin. Although similar, Zara's version is a mellow mimic at best. The emulated style is more affordable but doesn't get the same feel as the original. If you can spend the $3000 plus on a coat you should have some love of fashion and style. 


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