The Smell of Luxury

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On June 24th a new fragrance by COMME des GARCONS will be introduced by the name of Wonderwood. I am ECSTATIC (even if it's only being released in London)! I am very picky about my personal scents when I find one I am obsessed with it. So far the only ones I ever wear are Only the Brave by Diesel, Dirty English by Juicy Couture for men, and Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana. Only the Brave and Light Blue are very clean smells that are not overwhelming and have no trace of alcohol which makes for a beautiful smell for anything formal. Dirty English is the smell of leather, dark wood and spice it is excellent for anything casual. It's earthy tones make it unique and beautiful. Which is why I am so excited for Wonderwood! 

Wonderwood is a beautiful overdose of wood. Using the scents of Agar wood, Cedar wood, Sandal wood, Cypress, and Guaiac wood makes for a beautiful blend of symbolism. Let me explain Agar wood or Oud was used by the Tibetans to bring energy, Sufis use it for ceremonies and it's worth its weight in gold, Cedar wood is called the tree of God and the king of the forrest,  Sandal wood is used in many worship and medical ceremonies and Guaiac wood has been called the tree of life bearing blue flowers. Making Wonderwood a symbolism for life and energy.  
Being the huge fan of earthy scents for casual occasions I can not wait for this beauty to be on the shelves and add this to my collection of smelling obsessions. 
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