The Perfect Spring/ Summer Shoe?

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I posted a bit ago a link to where you can ask me anything. A very common question has come up and I have yet to answer it. Basically it's about Spring/ Summer men's shoes. I decided to write it on here for everyone to see. 

That being said, here we go. I was going to go through some popular men's summer shoes and hopefully this will give you a little advice on what to look for when you are buying a new pair. 
Gladiators, Sandals, and Flip-Flops: I couldn't really understand Flip-flips as anything but something to wear to the pool. Flip-Flops, to me, are  something you wear to keep from standing directly on the gross locker-room floor. Flip-flops are not a good idea for a real summer shoe unless you lifeguard and/or are always at a pool. Even then they shouldn't really ever be worn outside the pool area. Gladiators and Sandals  however, I found myself appreciating. Though the perfect blend of masculinity and style tend to get lost in translation. For example, someone sent me these and asked what I thought.
Alexander McQueen sandals.jpg
Alexander McQueen sandals front.jpg
This was a perfect example of what I don't like about mens sandals. Starting at the toe. Now I could be completely wrong. I would have to see them on someone to be completely sure but to me it looks like it cuts off to far up. Making you toes look stubby, short and awkward. Then the combination of how the leather is cut also bothers me. The thick pieces of leather with small slits wouldn't look so bad if it wasn't for the triangle shapes around the heel. I think when cutting leather you should stick to a certain style to keep the shoe consistent. The rib cage cut for the laces takes up majority of the shoe. It also has a sense of felinity which contrasts the leather. The leather looked unfinished because of it's lack of stitching that usually makes leather hold together. It would have been a great reference to masculinity, If it had been paired with more sharp triangles I could forgive its unfinished edges. But because it isn't I just could not make myself like these shoes. So I tried to find a better example of a good Sandal or gladiator. 
Office creative Glad.jpg
What I like about these is the raw look of the leather. The coloring and how there is so much detail to it. The stitching is there and barley noticeable which lets the leather keep its rugged,  masculine appearance. The front strap hits the foot right where its suppose to near the toes but not on them at all. Plus, the harness shape around the foot mimics that of bicker boots. A truly great spring summer shoe!
Boat Shoes, Slip-ons, Low cut sneakers: These, to me, are the perfect spring and summer shoes. They are easy to find, available is most retailers, usually work well with any outfit, and are made of breathable materials! A few popular styles including espadrilles (most of you might know them as Toms), the standard boat shoe and the low cut canvas sneakers.
Asos Slip.jpg
F-troupe deck.jpg
Diesel Trainer.jpg
These are the three I found and thought I should share. The espadrilles are a trend I personally don't understand. They don't really seem sturdy but apparently they are very comfortable. To me there not enough detail to them. When I am looking for a shoe I look for details that make the shoe really interesting. Something that pushes the style of the shoe. Though the simplicity of the shoe doesn't bother me, I don't mind them worked into looks at all. Just don't get it. The F-Troupe deck shoes are a great example of a style being pushed by details. The Souls ribbed design give these shoes a pop of detail that really demands attention. Last but not least, the Diesel sneaker. The coloring and distressed look of this shoe was the first thing I really noticed. A light grey is a perfect shoe color in the summer. It is a color that works with anything but has a playful quality to it. If you don't want to pay for the pre-distressed look Diesel has made, you can always get your own pair and DIY (do it yourself).  
Dress shoes and Boots: Another tricky find, dress shoes and boots can often be the last thing on your mind for summer footwear. They shouldn't be so easily cast aside. Summertime can mean more events and opportunities to dress up. The key to buying the perfect dress shoe for summer is finding something that you can wear inside or out. Sometimes, an event that starts out inside can turn into a outside event. You can never know with these things. So finding a dress shoe that looks nice but won't make you hot and uncomfortable. Thus the search continued, I came across these and was almost unable to believe them. They are canvas and leather mix but the canvas looks so nicely woven you almost can't tell. The finish on the canvas also give it a slight sheen which makes it look more appropriate for dressier occasions. 
Then the chukka or desert boots. They have been popping up on the streets and in closets left and right. Simple and made of suede and calfskin typically they are wore often during the summer and why shouldn't they be they are call desert boots.
Ben Sherman Desert light.jpg
Diesel Desert.jpg
Now that I have put out a little information about footwear I'd love to hear what you think. 
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  • LOVE the F-Troupe deck shoes. Would love to see my husband in those, honestly. I think they work gay or straight, young or not-so-young. The espadrilles, though? Hmm, not sure I'm getting that look. I'm intrigued, though, and am going to be on the lookout for it. Nice post, Will!

  • WHO IS THE DESIGNER TO THE 2ND PAIR OF GLADIATORS??? i love them and want some!!!!!

  • Adam they are by "Officine Creative" They are going to be hard to find but if you do I actually have a fellow reader in search of them.

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