In the Haute Seat with Solemates

The amount of comfort in Solemates is so powerful you feel like you are visiting your own family. Starting out in December of 2006 the couple makes some big strides in the name of Chicago fashion. Beginning strongly as a street-wear boutique it has transformed into a carrier of items that translate easily into any closet. Carrying brands like Cheap Monday and many other well known brands, it's impossible not find something you'll love. Brian and Autumn Merritt aren't just incredibly dressed they are extremely passionate and well verse in retail. Speaking with them would bring any fashion follower joy. The combination of antique decorations, the aesthetic of exposures used as racks and shelves, as well as the pristine clothing make the boutique. With the success of the boutique the duo started their own line which they named Sir and Madame. By taking their love for old advertisements and antique products from the 50's and 30's Sir and Madame's products are so good it's almost unbelievable. Some of Sir and Madame's items are printed shirts based on whiskey and wine labels and a bottle cap. As well as, beautifully colored scarfs. Solemates Chicago is the shop to stop at the next time you are looking for clothing.  
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