In the Haute Seat with Ben Campbell


Welcome to the very first "In the Haute seat"! After many months of planning I finally started. The "In the Haute Seat" section will be a profile of one of Chicago's stylish men. So, In the spirit of the Nike x Saint Alfred collaboration I interviewed Ben. 

In a city where people seem to play it safe style-wise. Trying to find a way to bring your own flare to a city seems to become harder now more than ever without looking to ridiculous. By bringing a love for neon colors and cheetah prints into his everyday looks he manages to keep his look fresh.  Like most DJs he is more influenced by an urban style with a slight hit of european culture. The difference  is instead of styling so simple you become bored of him or too eccentric, to the point you get dizzy when you look at him. He has found the perfect balance between the two. Almost becoming real life pop-art. If you heard me describe his love of studs, cheetah prints and neon colors you would think I was crazy when I called him stylish. His signature outfit (or uniform) consists of a shirt, jeans, oversized beanie and sneakers. Which he accessories with some things like neon colored plugs, or maybe a studded cheetah print studded belt. When he showed me his Asymmetrical zip hoodie I asked him about the single stud on it that matched his beanie. He told me that it actually fell off his friends purse. Him and some friends were walking when it fell off. His friend picked it up and threw it at him playfully. He noticed the prongs on it were perfectly straight and ready to be put into something. So, he quickly added it to his hoodie and it's been there ever since.  Too often we find ourselves trying to make big statements by wearing too many flashy pieces at once. With a little thought some of the most vibrant and outlandish items can become stylish. Additionally, we can not keep ourselves in a box sometimes you have to just go out and buy that cheetah print studded belt and wear it as a pop of color. Being daring with fashion is what style is all about. Take a lesson from Ben, take leaps and make your style your own.
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