"...Officially No Shirt Summer"

Thinking outside of the box is something everyone is always trying to do find that new thing that makes this or that popular and innovative. The problem being, how can you push the envelope without creating too big of a controversy. I, for one, have always been alright with stirring up the things around me personally. I posted a picture of a menswear piece from Alexander McQueen's Spring Summer 2009 collection. The piece has his visionary touch without a doubt. I do however realize that not everyone is as comfortable wearing such a thing out. So, this made me think What should men be wearing this summer on the beach or around the city?

So why don't we try pushing the envelope this year a little bit? As you are all well aware, I believe in playing with your clothes and making them into other items. So, why do you have to wear a swimsuit only when you plan on getting wet? Why can't you just wear somme a shorts? It's the summer you should be wearing shorts anyway and what if you decided to go swimming? you're set!
I jumped over to GQ.com and started browsing through some well known designers to find some looks with swimwear that would look great throughout the summer. So I just picked a few and nicknamed them based on what the look said to me. What do you think you'll be wearing for the summer? Are you gearing up already?

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