Chicago's Exclusive

Solemates is a Chicago based shop that was established in 2006 by Brian and Autumn Merritt. Catering to the Chicagoan with a Brooklyn favor and carrying the best style combination of new and vintage products. This boutique's flair for captivating the buyers in every way is clear to see with it's under-construction-but come-on-in look.No one can help but feel a little more welcome and a bit like a personal guest. So I was more than happy when I received the email telling me that tomorrow the exclusive brand for the store Sir & Madame had limited edition lightweight sweaters for spring. Only 36 will be made and only in three any fashion followers default colors (red, grey and black). They are a knit of Chenille, patched labeled and cost $125 (super great price for a 1 of 36 piece of art!). Luckily you can phone in your order and get one before they are all gone.
Line up early and good luck!

2708 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL
M-Sat 12-7; Sun 12-5

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