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Stepping it up in Chicago

When Kamal Bosamia, Media relations manager from Macy’s, contacted me I was more than excited for the thrilling news he revealed. A new menswear line was launching! I’ll admit it my first thought was yes, I’d love to go to an event with trendy men and a new men’s line! Then he invited me to... Read more »

Chicago's Exclusive

Solemates is a Chicago based shop that was established in 2006 by Brian and Autumn Merritt. Catering to the Chicagoan with a Brooklyn favor and carrying the best style combination of new and vintage products. This boutique’s flair for captivating the buyers in every way is clear to see with it’s under-construction-but come-on-in look.No one... Read more »

An Avant Garde Affair

I was recently introduced to Milan Richardson, the creative director of a magazine in Chicago called VYNE. Upon learning more about his baby (VYNE) I have become a huge fan. VYNE is a luxury Chicago magazine that doesn’t just focus on the who’s who and latest trends of the Chicago social scene but also is... Read more »

With Summer in Sight

Many of you have been emailing me up the wazzoo about summer style. So instead of everyone asking the same question over and over again I decided to link you all to my that way if your questions been answered you don’t have to reask me. And I don’t have to keep sending out... Read more »

Dont forget

Tomorrow and Saturday (March 5th and 6th)  I will be at 520 S Michigan styling everyone who wants it. Also, pictures will be taken of the well dressed. to be posted on my blog. Dont forget to RSVP online before hand. can’t wait to see you there.

"...Officially No Shirt Summer"

Thinking outside of the box is something everyone is always trying to do find that new thing that makes this or that popular and innovative. The problem being, how can you push the envelope without creating too big of a controversy. I, for one, have always been alright with stirring up the things around me... Read more »