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Save the Date!

To sum up the winter so far for mens fashion in chicago I take a quote from  Andre Leon Tally in The September Issue, “It’s a famine of beauty… my eyes are  starving for beauty.” but its completely understandable chicago winters are harsh we  all know that. We throw on our layers and layers under heavy... Read more »

Boutiques are a wonderful place to get inspiration

Some of the best places to find well dressed people are to go to boutiques. They house unique clothing and employee the best dressed in the city. Not the boring, averagely dressed trend followers like most stores. When I stepped into Casa De Soul I was immediately impressed, the staff was amazingly dressed and Kennedy... Read more »

Something old, Something New, Something Contemporary, Something Chic on all the Dudes.

I was privileged enough to be invited to First Friday at the MCA. I caught quite a few well dressed man there who’s names I forgot to ask (so sorry men) but here they are. The men wore the various happy hour attrie from simple, casual wear to the suit. Many of the men came dressed to impress... Read more »