New years resolutions

So first I must apologize for my involuntary leave of absence, the end of December was rough BOTH my phone and my internet gave out on me so I was literally disconnected from the world. So, I am very sorry that I haven't updated. 

I hope that everyone had a safe and fun New Years. It is traditional for people to come up with new years resolutions every year. Often this is a goal the individual wants to accomplish so I thought maybe I should make one up for my blog. I mean, why not? It is something that should always be improving and it should have standards to grow from. 
Then that made me think well why can't I get feed back from people who read my blog? There's no reason I can't.
I want your feed back. So, please leave me a comment or Email me anything you wish to see from me this year. It can be anything from trends to the way I type.
So far my personal goal for this blog is to saturate it with more pictures.
So let the new year begin. I recently went to find some well dressed people at the Chicago Premium Outlet Mall and unfortunately it wasn't exactly teaming with people who were dressed well. But its a little harder to dress well in the winters here because it gets so cold. 
Luckily, I did run into two employees who shed their winter coats and were dressed well. 
First, Marco His outfit at first glance could appear to be simple, and simple isn't always bad, but when you really look into it there's a lot of good things happening here. The piece that I like the most of the sweater, It's thin enough so you can see some details from under the shirt. Then his shoes match his sweater, and his Jeans break up the blacks and greys and add some color. 
Then, Tony another pretty simple looking outfit, but again you have to look a little closer to see some really great details. His jeans and moccasins were what I really loved about his outfit. There's a slight brown/yellow stain tint to the knee of his jeans which accent his shoes perfectly and the little splatter of white paint on his shoes and his jeans are another great unifier. The top of his jeans have a little undertone of grey which helps match it to the hoodie.
Also I liked how he had a button on his oversized beanie 

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