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Burberry was great and the show at Heaven was interesting...

So like I had planned I went to the fashion show at Heaven in Wicker Park. The show is not worth mentioning. Luckily, Daniel  Tucker Nelson (part of the design duo of Saddle Tramps) was there and looked amazing as usual. My friend Alex took a photo of us for me. Daniel wore a Slow... Read more »

What are you doing Saturday?

Seriously, what are you doing? Would you like to see a fashion show? I know, I would. Well I would like to invite you to watch the live feed of the Burberry Prorsum men’s wear for this coming autumn and winter. I’m not 100% on the exact time but I’m thinking it’s starting at like 11:00-ish Chicago... Read more »

There's something great about a suit

Not much needs to be said about a suit. It’s simple, dressy and classic. So when I ran across this sharply dressed man I had to get a picture of him in his suit. 

I swear I like colors, even though I just can't ever seem to wear them....

I swear, if anyone who didn’t know me asked to list things I like fashionable and stationary-wise they would completely think I was gothic or something. If you’ve seen my old blog, you would notice the abundance of black and the sense of darkness in the editorials. I promise I don’t hate colors, I love... Read more »

So I'm on a mad fashion high right now.

I just got home from a photo shoot I modeled  styled for. So basically My friends group does photo shoots every so often and whenever I am around I am the “Creative Director and Stylist” for the group, though I’ve only done a few things with them. Everything always turns out great. So this time we didn’t... Read more »

New years resolutions

So first I must apologize for my involuntary leave of absence, the end of December was rough BOTH my phone and my internet gave out on me so I was literally disconnected from the world. So, I am very sorry that I haven’t updated.  I hope that everyone had a safe and fun New Years.... Read more »