Chicago's very own designer duo

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If you have every checked out my old blog ClientsBragg, you would easily see how obsessed with foreign designers I am. I love the idea of having clothing that has foreign aesthetic. Don't get me wrong, I love american designers as well but most of the time when it comes from another part of the world it seems to have more of a story to it. I am most a fan of Japanese based designers and Australian. I don't know why and I don't even mean to be. I just always seem to fall in love with designers who are based in those two areas.
So when I heard of Daniel Tucker Nelson's and Erin Frumet's compilation (Saddle Tramps) I was curious. I was invited to their first show. I was excited to go, I was excited for them. Not many new designers get so many people to help spread the word of how great they are. Especially for a first show. I was even more interested. Not only were random people excited for this, some of my most trusted fashion-friends (people I know who have great fashion sense.) also kept giving them hype. Now it was decided I was going and this was blog worthy.
The show began with an amazing film piece for the brand, which is such a great thing for clothing lines right now. Many designers have been doing it, like Gareth Pugh's haunting film from Autumn/Winter 09 collection. The film ended and the show began. The collection was small, but the clothes made my night. They gave me hope for Chicago fashion. The cuts were large and the details perfect. Two of my favorite pieces were the button detailed top and the asymmetrical cropped pants. 
After the show I got a chance to talk to both designers at the after party. Both Erin and Daniel have such a great passion for bringing up the style status of men in Chicago they could easily make even the most fashionable uninterested man into a men's wear junkie.  

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