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10 things to buy that fashionable guy

With the holidays coming up and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to get someone. So I thought I would offer my help. Guys can be the hardest people to buy for, especially fashionable ones. So I came up with some possible ideas for you to get that fashion forward guy you know. I... Read more »

Chicago's very own designer duo

If you have every checked out my old blog ClientsBragg, you would easily see how obsessed with foreign designers I am. I love the idea of having clothing that has foreign aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong, I love american designers as well but most of the time when it comes from another part of the... Read more »

Male style Icons of 2009

As much as we enjoy a fashion disaster by a celebrity like Russlle Brands disgustingly feminine legging thing he’s been trying to pull off… Thankfully, most celebrities have great stylist who dress them immaculately. So, take a look at the most stylish men of 09.  Weird and fun stuff from all over: