Think the nerd look is still cool?

The phrase "geek chic" is no stranger to the trend followers of the world. Embracing the stereotypical "geek" identifiers. Like the thick framed glasses as seen on, two of my favorite fashion icons, Mark Ronson and Pharrell Williams. Other identifiers being suspenders, witty t-shirts, bow ties, cropped pants and cardigan sweaters. Although this look only works for a select few it is one of the easiest to accomplish. The main item that can really pull your look together is, without a doubt, the glasses. As long as they are big and "nerdy" you will look like the smartest guy on the streets.
A great example of the difference the glasses can make came up when I spotted Zach, His entire outfit went so well together. The suspenders, the bow tie, the sweet silver pumas (not pictured). Then he pulled out the glasses and I was sold. Zach completely rocked "Geek Chic"!

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