Some Old School Styles revisited in todays trends

We are told when we are smaller that history has a way of repeating itself. I have always thought that was true in everything especially in trends. Two very old trends were represented by Slim and Stanford. Slim rocks a flattop haircut and Stanford wears a flat cap.

The Flattop is a type of haircut that is similar to a crew cut, the difference being that the top is cut flat. Hence the name flattop. This was a style very popular in the late 90's and was seen on some celebrities such as Will Smith, Kid N Play, and Vanilla Ice.
The flat cap is a rounded men's hat with a stiff brim in front. Flat caps were wore in the 1920's by fashionable guys. This style of hat is commonly associated with paperboys ( i.e. street-seller of newspapers).
What's you opinion on their looks? I personally like the vintage items mixed with modern trends. they play off of each other well.


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