Pattern clashing that might be alright

Now, I can't think of many fashion icons who would never be caught dead wearing two different patterns. I know I wouldn't dear been seen in such a state. In fact, if you ask anyone who knows me I am not the biggest fan of wearing patterns at all. But, like all artist I can appreciate other styles of art. It is refreshing to see people throwing on colors and patterns every once in a while. Sometimes we get lost in the chic seas of blacks and grays and forget that colors do exists. 

The reason I wanted photograph Paul was because the multiple patterns reminded me of Italian vogue's very own Anna Piaggi.(who is the fashion worlds black sheep because of her flare for bright, flamboyant colors and patterns.) Now Paul is nowhere near as eccentric, mind you, but his choice is working together well. Because none of the colors are over powering and are mostly muted (darkened usually by adding a complementary color to the original) the presence of the stripes and flowers is hardly as threatening as brighter colors might have been. sometimes color coordination makes the outfit.
What do you think about his look? 

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