It's the Chi-guys Turn to show their style

Chicago is known for many things. Like being the third largest city in the United States, our Chicago style pizza and being all too windy. Something many people over look is the great style that the Chicagoans have. But this style status is not held only by our women the Chi-guys are right there stride for stride. 

Rocko and Alex are great examples of how well Chi-guys can dress. Alex and Rocko are band mates and best friends. My friend (Laura) and I came across them as they were sitting down to have some drinks in Wicker Park. What caught my eye was the mixture of clean presentation and edginess. Rocko's combination of a peacoat, dress shirt and chain bracelets make his outfit really stand out and Alex's leather jacket, skinny jeans and pointed toe shoes are a great combination. If you like Electro Pop they are worth taking a listen to their band is called A&R and they are phenomenal.

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