Hope; the small details make all the difference

When I came across HOPE I was surprised at the simple structure of the clothing. I found the designs to have a different sense about them; they were clean cut, unique, and minimal. The tiny details of each piece really made the clothing look great. Like in photo two the coat is actually waxed cotton. (Waxed cotton is when a wax is added to a cloth, mainly used in the 1800-1900's by sailers in order to make sails waterproof, and is now used in many modern materials.) I am a big fan of waxed denim. The cool thing about it is that is tends to have a slight shine once its finished and usually keeps having a new clean look. 
Something that HOPE was able to accomplish was having a collection filled with great individual pieces that would easily integrate into any guys wardrobe. When looking for a new pair of pants, shirts, or a new coat you should really take time to look at the small details of the clothing you are thinking of buying. Maybe you want a sweater with a bigger neck to let your shirts show through like in photo 14, or maybe a lose long sleeve shirt like in photo 13? When you go shopping next look for something a little different, that you could easily work into your favorite clothes. There's some really great stuff out there. 

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