Conference of Birds will add an edginess to your look

Majority of the guys I know are all looking for something to make them look more edgy. Edgy meaning they are trying to have a bold or unconventional twist on their everyday appearance. For any guy who wants to start moving his closet into an edgier direction Conference of Birds is the perfect stepping stone or you. This collection is a step in the right direction, It's classic cuts presented in the coats and shirts present themselves with a style that many are trying to reach. The pieces not only work for any guys collection, the silhouette these clothes can create and/or add to are unbelievable. The Silhouette being a view of a person, object or scene that consists of an outline and featureless interior with details. The thick knits add bulk where the coats add clean, simplicity. Check out more of their look book at Conference of Birds

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