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Puma is having an event

PUMA CELEBRATES OPENING OF NEW RETAIL CONCEPT AT CHICAGO‘S STATE STREET DEVELOPMENT Local celebs join PUMA sales force for event, donating “wages” to charity   What:                    In celebration of the Black Friday opening of its new location as part of Chicago’s State Street development, global sportlifestyle brand PUMA is excited to throw open its doors for an opening celebration on Tuesday, December 1.... Read more »

Hope; the small details make all the difference

When I came across HOPE I was surprised at the simple structure of the clothing. I found the designs to have a different sense about them; they were clean cut, unique, and minimal. The tiny details of each piece really made the clothing look great. Like in photo two the coat is actually waxed cotton.... Read more »

Pattern clashing that might be alright

Now, I can’t think of many fashion icons who would never be caught dead wearing two different patterns. I know I wouldn’t dear been seen in such a state. In fact, if you ask anyone who knows me I am not the biggest fan of wearing patterns at all. But, like all artist I can... Read more »

Think the nerd look is still cool?

The phrase “geek chic” is no stranger to the trend followers of the world. Embracing the stereotypical “geek” identifiers. Like the thick framed glasses as seen on, two of my favorite fashion icons, Mark Ronson and Pharrell Williams. Other identifiers being suspenders, witty t-shirts, bow ties, cropped pants and cardigan sweaters. Although this look only works for a... Read more »

Georgy Baratashvili helps add creativity to your closet

Something that I think is important, when it comes to style, is having the ability to wear pieces in a multitude of ways. When you get the chance to be creative with an item it makes it easier to think of different things you can do with old pieces you may have started getting bored with.... Read more »

Some Old School Styles revisited in todays trends

We are told when we are smaller that history has a way of repeating itself. I have always thought that was true in everything especially in trends. Two very old trends were represented by Slim and Stanford. Slim rocks a flattop haircut and Stanford wears a flat cap. The Flattop is a type of haircut... Read more »

Jimmy Choo for H&M

All to often the male shopper is forgotten when high street and designers do a collaboration. This is the beginning of a whole new direction for collaborative projects.  The brand is known throughout the fashionable females as a great brand for shoes and handbags. Finally a guest designer kept men in mind as well and... Read more »

The Leaders 1354 boutique in Chicago

Strolled on into Leaders 1354 on 1400 N. Milwaukee and I have to say it just oozes the vibe of cool. From the moment you walk into this boutique you can just tell that it was made for Chicago’s coolest. Their selection was phenomenal they carried many Chicago based designers as well as some brands that you... Read more »

Conference of Birds will add an edginess to your look

Majority of the guys I know are all looking for something to make them look more edgy. Edgy meaning they are trying to have a bold or unconventional twist on their everyday appearance. For any guy who wants to start moving his closet into an edgier direction Conference of Birds is the perfect stepping stone... Read more »

It's the Chi-guys Turn to show their style

Chicago is known for many things. Like being the third largest city in the United States, our Chicago style pizza and being all too windy. Something many people over look is the great style that the Chicagoans have. But this style status is not held only by our women the Chi-guys are right there stride... Read more »