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We let sandwich prices get out of control (part 3)

We let sandwich prices get out of control (part 3)
Disclaimer: You don’t have to read these posts in order, but it will make way more sense if you start out with “We let sandwich prices get out of control: Part 1.” followed by Part 2. The basic premise is that sandwich prices have gotten out of control and our only hope of avoiding the inevitable $20 price... Read more »

Medium Rare Trip to Italy: Cinque Terre

I hope Cinque Terre always stays a little bit under the radar. That it remains in that “Italy’s best kept secret” category. So, I figure, what better way to keep things secret than to go out there and publish a 1,000 word blog post raving about it. Cinque Terre means “The Five Towns” in Italian. Each... Read more »

Pizza Hut Bacon Stuffed Crust Pizza Review

If you have watched any NFL game in the last three weeks, chances are you have seen the Blake Shelton Pizza Hut commercial no less than 25 times. The message is simple: Pizza Hut has stuffed bacon and cheese in a crust. Any time bacon is mentioned my ears automatically perk up and I am... Read more »