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The wonder of saying yes and letting go (Part 3)

My fondest memories of school had nothing to do with class. And my favorite work memories weren’t really about the work. It’s always been about the people and the stories that happened somewhere along the way. And great stories, great memories always start with a yes. Note: For this story, it might be helpful to start with Part 1... Read more »

Ego trippin' with Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn. Self declared Head Rooster in Charge. Doesn’t appear to have a lot of ability, talent, money or knowledge. He’s like six feet tall and walks like a person, which is impressive, but other than that, he is a fairly average bird. With a lot of ego. The result? He’s one of my favorite... Read more »

Foghorn Leghorn: Art of an ego trip (part 1)

They say pride goes before the fall. That an overconfident person is setting themselves up for a major humbling experience. The bigger the ego, the harder the fall. That’s where I thought this post about Foghorn Leghorn was headed. This would be a Medium Rare life lesson about self-awareness and how feedback can help us... Read more »