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Please, take this idea: Traffic Jam and the Push-up Jar

They say you should never shop for groceries when you’re hungry. I think the same warning should apply when writing the “Please, Take this Idea” series. Today I have two food-inspired “appetizers” that I’m combining into one idea feast the same way I used to do at Applebee’s with buffalo wings and mozzarella cheese sticks. The first idea is... Read more »

Direct Primary Care: Guest Post by Dr. Alex Lickerman, Founder and CEO of Imagine MD

I remember sitting in the waiting room for an annual physical. There were four or five people around me reading People Magazines from three years ago. The person behind the counter would answer a phone call, schedule a time with a patient, hang up, and then immediately the phone would ring again. The image I remember... Read more »

But maybe "living in the moment" is overrated (part 3)

I loved college. But I struggled a lot my freshman year. I love the show Friday Night Lights. But they did go a little off the rails in Season 2. And I loved high school, especially senior year when it felt like nothing could go wrong. But there was that three-day stomach bug after I consumed two chili... Read more »

But maybe "living in the moment" is overrated (part 2)

Every city is known for something. Here in Chicago, we’re the birthplace of the skyscraper and home to the coldest, strongest gusts of wind this side of Siberia. We’ve got the museums. We’ve got Wrigley Field. We’ve got my favorite tourist site of all: The Bean. Florence works the same way. “The Cradle of the Renaissance” lives... Read more »

Netflix, here's my plotline for Captain Ron 2

What would the Captain Ron sequel be about?  Here’s what I’m thinking. The movie starts with the same intro music, and we’ve got a shot of the Chicago skyline with sailboats out on the water (another reason to support this project, Captain Ron was secretly a Chicago film). We then see Ben Harvey, now 32-35 years old,... Read more »

When you're caught by the Gates of Wrath

There are situations in life that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Situations so terrifying, so potentially traumatizing that the thought alone is enough to keep even the bravest people awake at night, sweating through their pajamas. I face one of these situations almost every day. For five out of seven mornings, I look... Read more »