Reducing healthcare costs: Q&A with Brian Uhlig

Reducing healthcare costs: Q&A with Brian Uhlig
Have you ever been walking behind a parent and their kid and the kid is like four rounds into the “Why” game? Why did he miss the field goal? Well, because sometimes the end-of-game pressure.. Why? And the timeout right before adds to it… Why?  Eventually the parent breaks down and replies, “Because that’s Chicago sports, alright! Now let’s get some... Read more »

Please, Take this Idea: The Compound Shopper

December 26th is the most fascinating day of the year. It doesn’t receive a ton of hype with Christmas as its next door neighbor, but there’s still a lot going on and everyone experiences this day a little bit differently. There’s the guy who wakes up in his apartment, hears the neighbor below him banging on a... Read more »

It's a Wonderful Life at the Music Box Theatre

You haven’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life until you’ve seen it at the Music Box Theatre. It doesn’t matter if you’ve watched this movie every year on TV or own it on a dusty VHS tape, everyone who enters the Music Box Theatre’s annual showing for the first time is starting at ground zero. And man, I couldn’t... Read more »
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Medium Rare Trip to Italy: With you I shall leave

I don’t remember any mice in Michigan. I think it was too cold. Or my Mom was just that clean. The only invaders in my childhood house were the occasional ant, spider, or Satan’s favorite insect: the earwig. All of these could be squished with a paper towel. The apartment in New York City wasn’t the same... Read more »

Medium Rare Trip to Italy: Cinque Terre

I hope Cinque Terre always stays a little bit under the radar. That it remains in that “Italy’s best kept secret” category. So, I figure, what better way to keep things secret than to go out there and publish a 1,000 word blog post raving about it. Cinque Terre means “The Five Towns” in Italian. Each... Read more »

Medium Rare Trip to Italy: Florence

Last week, I saw an article on LinkedIn where Elon Musk claimed you have to work 80 hours a week to change the world. This sparked a heated debate in the comments section about work-life-balance and, to some degree, a philosophical question on whether or not “changing the world” is worth that type of personal sacrifice. So,... Read more »

So, am I allowed to eat anything anymore? Guest Post by: Jon Oldham

When I was in college, I ate a lot of Club crackers and Oreos. My roommate at the time, Jon Oldham, was studying to be a dietitian and would say things like, “Carbs and sugar are the reason you have a perpetual stuffy nose.” And I thought his advice was crazy. Made no sense to... Read more »

Please, take this idea: The Supreme Court of Social Media

Facebook was a messy place to be during the 2016 Presidential Election. Almost every day I would see a post that started with, “I don’t normally talk about politics on here, but…” I’d read that first sentence and think, “Oh boy. Let the fireworks begin.” Within five minutes, there would be someone with the polar opposite... Read more »

Medium Rare Trip to Italy: An epic lace chase in Burano

Three seconds on the clock. John Stockton passes the ball to Chris O’Brien. Two seconds. One second. Shot goes up. It’s good! Jazz win! Jazz win! Like every kid in their childhood driveway, I imagined taking the last shot of the NBA Finals. But unlike 99 percent of my neighbors here in Chicago, I spent 1997 and 1998 rooting for... Read more »

Medium Rare Trip to Italy: Venice, movie stars, and one really aggressive pigeon

We got off the train from Rome to Venice and I remember looking out at all the buildings along the Grand Canal with this mixture of, “Woah.” “Where am I?” and, “What in the world is going on??” In Rome, it felt like I could at least comprehend what I was looking at. The brain... Read more »