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October 31st might be getting demoted

October 31st might be getting demoted
“‘Scuse me, ‘scuse me. Coming through, coming through!” The Days of the Year factory is located in Washington D.C., a couple of blocks away from Capitol Hill. The facility employs 365 calendar days a year with February 29th, known as the “Leap Year” consultant, coming in once every four years to give a lecture on the solar... Read more »

Check your font size, bro

I glanced at my older brother’s phone and it looked like he was reading from a large print Reader’s Digest. Everything was zoomed in. The app buttons were bigger. His text messages–let’s say the normal font size is 12 pt–looked like they were 16 going on 20. Which was surprising to see, because my brother is the... Read more »

NCAA Tournament 2017: Eight sleeper/dark horse picks (part 2)

The 2017 NCAA Tournament is almost here. Like less than 24 hours almost here. And it’s at this point we begin questioning every aspect of our bracket. The championship matchup doesn’t look right. The Elite Eight looks anything but elite. Why’d I put so much faith in Middle Tennessee State? Wichita State over Kentucky? Maybe... Read more »

What if you don't like Halloween?

Halloween has gotten a little too big. I liked Halloween when it lived in the shadows of Thanksgiving and Christmas. When it was ahead of St. Paddy’s Day and Cinco De Mayo, but still comfortably behind the 4th of July in terms of popularity. Now Halloween is all of October. When I was a kid... Read more »