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Moving sucks

You may think people are exaggerating. That everyone’s being just a little bit over the top when they talk about moving the way someone would describe fighting in Vietnam. You may think there’s nothing to be afraid of; it’s like getting through middle school or a taco with unnecessary shredded lettuce. You dig deep. You grind... Read more »

Can we meet at a halfway (exclamation) point

I’ve lived in New York City and Chicago. Whenever I’m asked to compare the two, I usually wind up saying something like, “Well, New York is a lot bigger, but Chicago still feels like the Midwest, you know?” Which is vague, but it always receives a couple of head nods and seems to make sense.... Read more »

It's time to bring back the master cup

Growing up in the 90’s, every home in America had distinct glasses and cups. When you were at a friend’s house, their mom would say help yourself, milk, water, we got pops in the garage and you’d navigate through their unfamiliar cabinets. Plates, nope, spice rack, nope, ah ha, there they are. On one side, glasses.... Read more »

When you're caught by the Gates of Wrath

There are situations in life that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Situations so terrifying, so potentially traumatizing that the thought alone is enough to keep even the bravest people awake at night, sweating through their pajamas. I face one of these situations almost every day. For five out of seven mornings, I look... Read more »

My Sunday affair at the Catholic church

Growing up in Midland, Michigan, there were at least 100 churches for a population of only 40,000 people. Midland has the nickname, “City of Beautiful Churches” and with that title, it’s not so much, “Are you a Christian?” as it is, “What type of Christian are you?” We had a Baskin-Robbins level of variety, enough branches to... Read more »

The lost art of eating alone

Last week I needed to pickup some lettuce at the grocery store. On my way to the cashier, I was stopped dead in my tracks by a table of pumpkin pies. $3.50 a pie, whipped cream not far away. And I thought about it. Thought there’s no shame in swapping, I’ve already achieved so much... Read more »

Unconventional tips for public speaking

Public speaking is a very strange experience. At worst, it terrifies you and you avoid any situation in life that involves it. At best, it scares you, but ends up being fun like a roller coaster. Or I guess there’s the category of it doesn’t intimidate you at all and you love it, but then... Read more »

DMV Survival Guide - Where to go, What to Bring

I am used to Google searches that have instant gratification. How many NBA Titles did Steve Kerr win? Is the Fred Hoiberg hiring official? Is milk good for me or not? My DMV journey started the same way. Where’s the nearest DMV? The result was a Driver’s Express facility on Diversey. Any time you get the... Read more »

DMV Survival Guide - So You Haven't Updated your License

You can get by with an expired license for awhile in Chicago. It’s a surprisingly non inhibiting problem. Sure, you’ll get the occasional bouncer who calls you out, but if necessary you can always pull out the passport ego trip. For me, I only go to one bar in Chicago. It’s my Cheers where everybody... Read more »

John Travolta, I Feel Your Pain

A year ago, John Travolta stood on stage at the Oscar’s and pronounced Idina Menzel’s name as: Adele Dazeem. At this year’s Academy Awards, Travolta had the chance to redeem himself and succeeded in the pronunciation, but did a strange amount of chin touching, treating Menzel’s face like a mound of clay at a pottery... Read more »