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Coffee as a backup plan

Coffee as a backup plan
There is a little coffee shop in downtown Holland, Michigan called Lemonjello’s. I got really into this place during my sophomore year of college. I would stop by every day and order their iconic yellow mug of coffee or one of the special $5 drinks. After about a week, I started wearing a baja sweatshirt and was dangerously close to... Read more »

The startup holidays

How does something become a big name national holiday? How does a holiday go from the start-up tier (think National Taco Day or National Talk Like a Pirate Day) all the way up to that rarefied air of Christmas or Thanksgiving. Or, not even that, how does a startup holiday climb the ranks to reach the Columbus... Read more »

Please, take these ideas: Italy edition

For this edition of “Please, Take This Idea,” I was going to focus on one idea from the Italy vacation. But I quickly realized there wasn’t enough meat on that bone to fill up even half of a blog post. So today, special for Halloween, instead of one Medium Rare idea, you’re getting five.  And, honestly, these probably... Read more »

Please, take this idea: Search Bar

I saw a commercial the other day that featured a family of four dispersed throughout their two-story house. There was a daughter upstairs on her phone. A son playing a video game on a tablet. The dad typing away on a computer. The mom sets the dinner table and–with this subtle, almost mischievous grin–clicks a... Read more »

Why a Wednesday 4th of July isn't all that bad

Why a Wednesday 4th of July isn't all that bad
I have sensed a reasonable amount of panic around this year’s 4th of July placement. For the first time since 2007, Independence Day and Hump Day are teaming up to try and destroy the chance at a long weekend. It’s creating the very realistic dilemma for millions of us who–after a day of drinking beer and eating... Read more »

Please, take this idea - Public speaking on airplanes

I used to think that a new idea was the greatest thing in the world. Or that being labeled an “idea guy” was a crowning achievement, one of the highest honors you could receive in business or in life. But, over time, my view has changed. I’ve gone from being in a healthy relationship with new ideas to... Read more »

The lost art of complaining

“Chris, he has to go out.” This is my least favorite sentence in the human language. It means that Crash has his nose at the door, he needs to go pee or poop. Conservative guess, this happens 2-3 times a night. And I’m never thrilled about it. Granted, in June or July it’s not so bad.... Read more »

Subway, Facebook, and what we can learn from a meatball sub

It’s hard to start something new. To go to the yoga class and be the only guy sweating, sitting out elementary poses that everyone else seems to be handling with ease. To experience the ultimate vulnerability of sitting on a yoga mat, in happy baby pose, holding in a fart. It’s also hard to stick to... Read more »

Guilt is good

A week ago, we had a big snow in Chicago. The kind of snow where you bring out the winter boots and spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking you’ll get into cross country skiing. As expected, our car was absolutely covered. Every car on the street needed to be shoveled out. But here’s what it... Read more »

What meditation actually looks like

Every guy who can grow a beard shaves it off the same way. You start with the cheeks and the neck. Pitstop Number 1: The Goatee. You look in the mirror and ask, “Can I pull off the Walter White?” Most of us can’t. So it’s on to the next stop. Shave the chin, stop... Read more »