Please, take this idea: Barber-Q

Some of my fondest memories are covered in BBQ sauce.

Every Christmas growing up, we would hop in a car and make the long drive from Michigan to Kansas City. We'd walk through the door at Mombo and Poppo's house, greet all of our aunts, uncles, cousins, then about five minutes later say, "Alright, so Gates? Arthur Bryant's?"

You can't go wrong with bar-b-que in Kansas City. Whether you end up at Gates, Bryant's, Q39, Kansas City Joe's, Jack Stack, LC's--or do all six in a 3-day trip--you'll leave thinking, "That's the best damn bar-b-que I've ever had." My mouth's watering just thinking about it. In all the world, there is no warmer greeting than a, "Hi, may I help you?" shouted out at Gates and no better sight than watching the guy behind the window at Arthur Bryant's throw a pound of brisket on a thin slice of white bread.

I'm always trying to figure out ways to get more bar-b-que into my every day life. In every sales position I've ever had, I go out of my way to land Kansas City as part of my territory. A couple years ago when I hit a milestone at work, my manager asked, "What do you want as a prize?" and I replied, "Can I get like a pound of burnt ends?"  And whenever I'm making a salad, I spend at least five seconds contemplating if I could use BBQ sauce as a dressing.

This quest to bring more bar-b-que into my life is what led me to the latest installment in the Please, Take This Idea series. I was sitting in a chair at the barber shop, the barber just put the apron thing around me, and I thought, "Hmmm, what if they served bar-b-que here?"

Here's how it would work. You walk in, pick your haircut, and also order from the food menu. Combo options include:

  • Brisket and a Buzz Cut
  • Beef on Bun and a Man Bun
  • Pulled Pork and a Perm.

The haircut takes somewhere between 10-20 minutes. Get cleaned up, brushed off, then walk over to the restaurant area. It's important to keep the kitchen and eating area separate from the haircut area. One for health code reasons. Two because no one wants to take a bite of their sandwich, look over to their right and see one of those hair piles by the guy who's mid-buzz cut.

As the owner, you go all in on the bbq/barber shop theme too. Have the BBQ sauce served in what looks like shampoo bottles. Have the shampoo bottled in BBQ sauce containers. Have one hybrid option that works as both sauce and shampoo just to see if anyone orders it.

The name of the place is simple: Barber-Q. You keep the outside of the barber shop the same. No need to get rid of those red, white, and blue barber poles because anything with American flag colors fits right in with a BBQ joint. All you have to do is add some type of pig to the sign. Golden rule of bar-b-que: The fatter and happier the pig, the better the food.

As always, this idea is 100 percent free for the taking. If it works, write me a check someday that seems fair. If it doesn't, just give it more time. The world might not be ready yet for bbq sauce in their shampoo.

Note - I Googled "Barber-Q" after publishing and there does appear to be a barbershop by this name out in Oregon. But they're not serving bbq yet, so you should be ok with the concept. Just may need to change the name.

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