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C2E2 technology of comics, graphic novels, and video games

C2E2 technology of comics, graphic novels, and video games
 C2E2 (Chicago’s Pop-culture Event) is taking place this Weekend of April 13-15, 2012. Combining comics, movies, popular shows, and video games culture into one exposition meant that of course there would be some sort of use of new technology in the mediums. DC Comics, and other major comic publishers, for example had some comics and... Read more »

Future of Publishing, Part 1: E-books and apps gain major steam in digital publishing push

The next couple of blog articles will focus on exploring a topic that is close to many people and which seems to be on many peoples’ minds in the industry of publishing. We are in the middle of a great transition, regardless if it’s apparent to many on a day-to-day basis. Mobile designers and developers... Read more »

Qualcomm Mirasol display for future E-Readers, tech demo at American Magazine Conference

“Media Tech Connection” had the unique opportunity to preview the exciting upcoming Mirasol E-Reader and tablet display technology developed by Qualcomm on Tuesday, October 5, at the American Magazine Conference. The conference took place at the Fairmont Chicago by Millenium Park in Chicago. The American Magazine Conference is the official annual meeting of the consumer... Read more »

The E-Reader Revolution continues

Next up in the “E-Reader Revolutions” series, the Plastic Logic Que ProReader, Hearst Skiff and Apple iPad have announced their products in the eReader Realm. The question is which is best upcoming multi-use product, which are best for reading e-books and which will even see the light of day? Previously reviewed products in the first part of this series discussed... Read more »

The E-Reader Revolution

How many of you ChicagoNow readers own an E-Reader already and are enjoying it on a regular basis? With Paid Content reporting that 40% of U.S. online consumers had heard of e-Readers but have never seen them in person, that number still probably equals a small amount. Though the number is most likely growing steadily as more... Read more »