TechWeek 2013 improved; influences can be seen now in other areas outside of tech

TechWeek 2013 improved; influences can be seen now in other areas outside of tech



TechWeek 2013 took place this past weekend from June 27th to 29th, and was a showcase for Chicago technology.

This event is takes place every year inside The Merchandise Mart  in downtown Chicago and this exposition-style event also featured many speaker panels and conferences throughout the three days.

There are many different angles and topics being discussed this year from social gaming to entrepreneurship. Called "TechWeek", though only lasting for a few days, the organizers have mentioned that a week's worth of events happen in those three days.

Indeed it does feel like many different things happen very quickly, and are consolidated into a tightly-packed quality event that leaves you wanting to experience more after it's over. Attendees this year really has to pick and choose from their favorite events and plan a strategy to get the most out of the conference and expo, as well as the entertainment part of it.

One thing that felt improved on this year were the after-parties. Motorola sponsored a large party on the street in front of the Merchandise Mart on Thursday, June 27th. It included live music, and basically served the purpose to welcome the company to the Merchandise Mart soon. As many Chicagoans are aware, Motorola plans to relocate their suburban offices to the Merchandise Mart in the coming year. The building in general is becoming a hub for technology companies.

IMG_20130629_222609Also this year, the after-parties also included a tech-themed fashion show, taking place in the W Hotel on Saturday, June 29th. Those attending the events weren't solely in the Chicago technology scene (or work for just technology-focused companies for that matter), but rather they were from many other industries as well, such as the fashion industry.

It's becoming apparent that TechWeek is gaining traction and its' influence is spreading much further that just by thinking of "technology" as one industry. We're all beginning to see the influence of technology in all areas of industry, and modern life in general.

TechWeek is a highlight event that shows that Chicago's technology ideas and the companies being created from them. To find out more about TechWeek, please visit the TechWeek Web site at:


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