What is UX Design, and what's it mean for Chicago tech? Do you want to learn it?

What is UX Design, and what's it mean for Chicago tech? Do you want to learn it?

UX Design is becoming a popular phrase in the technology these days. This area of design has actually been around since Donald Norman presumably coined the term in 1995 while working at Apple.

UX Design stands for "User Experience Design", and is a broad topic. So what does it mean exactly?

This design discipline has to do with the experience that someone has when they use a piece of technology. The goal of a UX Designer is to make that experience a good one, for all who use the Website, software, or app. These products can be for any device, desktop or mobile.  UX Design has grown as an important part of a digital product and has become more known in the mainstream technology scene as growing UX Design agencies such as AKTA in Chicago, continue to provide examples of the value of good design.

UX Designers are ideas people. They think, research, and create ideas to arrange information into a workable, well-designed Website or mobile app. They usually create basic "wireframe" designs outlining area where final graphics go. Depending on the experiences of the UX Designer, they can often go on to create higher quality designs, or even working examples that can be used in a final design.

They also often conduct "usability" testing to determine how the users feel about the digital product or service. They then use these finding to improve on the user interface of the design, and continue this cycle until users are quite happy with the experience!


For those who want to learn and get an understanding of this growing industry, a Dabble.co (Chicago based company for classes) UX Design class is in the works, and will be taught by Jay Yearley, writer of "Media Tech Connection" and also a user interface designer on many professional digital projects.

For more information about the class, please check back soon on "Media Tech Connection" for a new blog posting with full details on the specific date, and location, which will likely be at EnerSpace in Chicago's west Loop.

Or to find out how you can get in person training (available immediately), please e-mail uxuiclass@gmail.com for inquiry and to send your available time to meet.

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