Super Bowl 2013 commercials use Web video technology, social media to further engage viewers

superbowlsocmediaSuper Bowl 2013 (XLVII) featured a host of advertisements from movie trailers to uniquely creative commercials selling cars.

In case you happened to miss a few, which is very likely during any Super Bowl no matter how attentive one is, you can always brush up and watch all of the commercials online now afterwards. For Super Bowl 2013, you can watch all of them on (for all of the past years combined).

It's nice now that viewers have this standard option to also see the commercials again after the main event has ended. They are arguably some of the most creative works of advertising on television all year, and even though they're just ads for products, they really are fun entertainment (most of them, anyway). And it's an equal win for the companies that spend lots of money to create them for the one special day of the Super Bowl, as many times viewers will want to actually go back and re-watch them.

Many companies are even putting the commercials up for earlier viewing on the Internet, up to a week before the Super Bowl for audiences to watch. This is another advantage of modern advancement of Web video advertising. They now traverse the traditional broadcast-only commercial, and instead now have a lasting cultural impression across all Web media to stay with the viewers. If you think about it, this has only become the trend in a the last few years or so.

Also, back for Super Bowl 2011, I wrote an article that described how social media was being used and taken advantage on to further tie into Super Bowl commercials, and expand their reach for much longer and wider than one small time slot during the Super Bowl.

So, for those who missed out on a commercial, or are wanting to go back and relive some of the funny or more cultural moments of the Super Bowl 2013 (XLVII) commercials and ads, please feel free to visit the link listed above. For some analysis and coverage of the Big Game itself, well, go to a sports Web site for that. This is a technology and new media blog, after all!

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