TechWeek 2012 in Chicago under way

TechWeek 2012 in Chicago under way

TechWeek 2012 in Chicago officially kicked off on Friday, June 22nd, and is currently under way. This event is taking place inside The Merchandise Mart  in downtown Chicago and will continue through Tuesday, June 26th.

TechWeek is an expo event that showcases technology from Chicago companies by having several special panels and conferences.

There are many different angles and topics being discussed this year from E-commerce to gaming. With the main focus on technology, TechWeek is a highlight event that shows that Chicago is a major player in the technology scene with many successful ideas and companies being created here. There is also a big focus on startups, with a special event taking place called "Startup City".

Rahm Emmanuel also made an appearance as a speaker on Friday, June 22, as noted by The Chicago Tribune. Emmanuel said that there will be a focus on technology companies in the next three years, from startups to large corportate headquarters.

TechWeek is an event that showcases both the vast amount of technology currently here, while bringing more attention to Chicago's technology scene. It will also draw around 5,000 technology enthusiasts to attend over the span of the event.

For more information on panels and events taking place at TechWeek, and to watch screencasts of select panels happening live, visit the TechWeek Web site at:

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