Rich media exists as the best of both worlds, Part 2: Tools and examples of Rich media conversions from Flash to HTML5 and jQuery

Rich media exists as the best of both worlds, Part 2: Tools and examples of Rich media conversions from Flash to HTML5 and jQuery

As rich media designers and developers are expanding their skill sets to include Flash, HTML, and Javascript/jQuery, there is good news for all.

There are currently several methods and tools available to make this job easier. The job being to either make a rich media experience in Flash, or make the Flash compatible with more platforms including mobile devices using HTML and Javascript combination. Or perhaps just creating a creative piece just once using HTML5/Javascript and jQuery animations.

All are valid workflows, depending on the designer and developer's preference. For those who have extensive experience in Adobe Flash, there is hope in that you have that extensive Actionscript 3 knowledge.

For those who want to create rich media creatives in just HTML and Javascript, which may be the most recommended, there are Web sites out there for complete Javascript and jQuery training which, above all, are recommended to just learn code and create rich media natively, especially if you work with a team with other coders in an agency setting.

There are experimental technologies out there as well, with Google having a team dedicated to a new converter technology call Swiffy which basically is an online tool that converts Flash files to an animated HTML equivalent. It shows that Google, and its' vast online advertising network, is also currently working on an actual "working" solution for this conversion process we're all finding ourselves in. There is even a Flash CS4+ extension that can be downloaded to add an option within the program itself to "export Flash as HTML".

Swiffy currently only supports Actionscript 2 based animations however, as well as only successful for simple, timeline based ad banners. Though Google seems to at least be very aware of this and is working on a full solution.

Adobe Edge Preview 4 was released just recently which allows a very similar experience to creating objects, and adding symbols like in Flash. Add to that with Web Fonts, and soon it may emerge as a great tool for creating HTML5 based animations coming soon in the future.

There are some other tools out there like Hippo HTML5 Animator and Tumult Hype.

A personal routine as of late is to first create banner ads in Flash, using superior animation effects and filters in Greensock and Actionscript code, then convert them to an HTML and iFrame equivalent. This conversion step is amazingly very quickly done, using similar animation methods using jQuery code and with tools like the new Adobe Edge.

For now, it is safe to say that those with experience in Flash will be able to use their skills to create amazing interactive experiences for the Web. And those with an expanded knowledge of HTML5, Javascript and jQuery will be in even more demand as companies and clients will look to create the quality of animations and Web ads they were used to seeing in Flash translated to HTML5 and making them compatible with the explosion of mobile viewing.

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