Everything is mobile for 'CyberWalkAbout', Chicago app development company

Everything is mobile for 'CyberWalkAbout', Chicago app development company

It shows a dedication and focus on the city of Chicago when some of a development company's most well-known products are built around the Chicago lifestyle.

CyberWalkabout is a mobile app development company that has been a part of the Chicago technology business for exactly a year now. Established on December 12, 2010 by CEO Uki D. Lucas, and Co-founder and Board member Natalia Cantemir, the company has produced many professional quality mobile applications for Android smartphone devices, and now branching into iPhone and Windows applications as well.

CyberWalkAbout creates many mobile apps specifically for Chicago events. Probably the most well-known app is "Chicago Local Guide", an application that assists local Chicagoans as well as city tourists in finding places and points-of-interest around them, and get updates on hundreds of cultural, social, art, food,  and technology events around Chicago.

Recently this past October, CyberWalkAbout entered one of their most well-known apps, Chicago Local Guide in Apps for Metro Chicago, a competition for Chicago app developers which uses "data from multiple governments to make applications that improve lives of millions of residents," as explained in the city's official press release.

Chicago Local Guide does just that, and more, by including a huge list of Chicago events accessible all in one place and on the go, featuring events for various Chicago organizations and clubs in the app. They have even gone so far as including a compass feature which points the way to Chicago points-of-interest. The app also includes a mobile art gallery, a collection of sorts of artworks created by local Chicago artists to form a community of sorts.

Chicago Local Guide


CyberWalkAbout currently has the Chicago Local Guide in the Apps for Metro Chicago "Grand Challenge" (which is a final judging for the best of the best - out of winning apps of previous rounds of the contest).
The final winners being announced on December 16th, 2011. The "Grand Challenge" round will have twenty finalists. Ten of these finalists will consist of the Apps that won 1st through 5th place in the previous Transportation and Community rounds (such as Local Guide).

CyberWalkAbout has developed several other apps aimed at the daily Chicagoans' life and local events, such as Taxi Share Chicago which aims to help Chicago commuters to find and share taxis in the Chicagoland area. Co-created by entrepreneur Dan Fedor, the unique app allows Chicagoans to utilize their Android smartphone as a beacon of sorts to find and share taxis with others. Take a look at a previous "Media Tech Connection" blog post for a more detailed description of Taxi Share. They have also released a version for San Francisco recently.

Taxi Share Chicago

CyberWalkAbout hopes that "Taxi Share" will also join the "Grand Challenge" finalists (along with Local Guide) in Apps for Metro Chicago competition if it receives enough votes by the public. If you feel it is a good idea feel free to cast your vote here to support it before the December 12th deadline).

Another popular app is the "Chicago Auto Show" app, made for the 2011 Chicago Auto Show. It features a gallery of the best images from the Auto Show, a map of the show floor, and hundreds of vehicles with descriptions. It is a free app and includes information on other auto shows in the United States, so feel free to take a look, download and try it out here.  The app company plans to have a new version ready for the 2012 Chicago Auto Show.

There is also an app for boat enthusiasts to use, their "Yachts and Tall Ships" includes "detailed information for 700+ detailed sailing vessels, all major ports around the world, events and schedules, famous buildings, points of interest", according to the Android Market listing. It is also now being updated to reflect 2012 events and also will soon include boating gear product listings to share with friends and enthusiasts.

One of their newest apps called "Food Trucks and Pop-up Restaurants", allows you to follow food trucks in the Chicago area by reading their most recent Tweets and following their geo-location on the integrated map. You can also see the kind of food each one offers. If you're a Chicago foodie this free app may just be for you.

The range of the CyberWalkAbout apps branches out to other types as well, such as mobile games and Web video apps.
CyberWalkAbout also has made apps which include a popular mobile game, "Grasshopper Meadow", and "Children TV", an app that finds and filters through appropriate videos for children then allows them to watch them. The app also allows videos to be searchable by different languages. "Children TV" will also soon to come to the Apple App store in the near future, so the company will also shift a focus to Apple's iPhone, iPad and the Windows phone.

Altogether, the company has about fourteen apps for download in the Android Market. To see all of their apps available for download see the full listing of CyberWalkAbout apps on the Android Market.


Most recently in November 2011, the app company acquired a long term deal and funding to collaborate with a major client, Coupon Cabin, which is a popular online provider of free coupons, coupon codes and deals. CyberWalkAbout will oversee the Coupon Cabin mobile strategy by providing mobile app design, development, a mobile Web site and mobile subscription-based services, according to the official Press Release.  Look for these mobile products to come soon for Coupon Cabin.
Coupon Cabin


Uki Lucas of CyberWalkAbout also organizes and hosts regular meetup and training events for a group called Chicago Android. This group serves to bring together Chicago's Android mobile app developing community. The Chicago Android group's events focus on topics of mobile app development and designing with mobile devices in mind, such as smartphones and tablets. They usually take place at various venues in the city of Chicago, and will work with the Chicago Mobile meetup group on future events coming in 2012.

The group serves as a community which regularly holds discussions with an intention to learn about features of designing or developing for Android mobile devices. Topics have included in the past: Designing for Mobile, to integrating Google Maps to apps and developing with the mobile phone geo-location feature/GPS in mind. The group usually also features a speaker from the local Chicago development scene, such as speakers in the past from Google Chicago offices.

Upcoming Chicago Android events may include creating User Interface features for mobile applications, adding effective mobile advertising, monetization in an app, or making game-based elements in apps, among other topics coming in 2012.

To join the Chicago Android community by create a profile at ChicagoAndroid.com to find app developments tutorials, and updates on upcoming meetings. Also for a list of events, past and future, please see the EventBrite event listing for Chicago Android.

Chicago Android

To keep up on what the CyberWalkabout app company is innovating on in the mobile space, to see their current mobile service offerings, and for Android app development and plans for the future, visit their Web site and blog at CyberWalkAbout.com.


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