‘Apps for Metro Chicago’ contest final Grand Challenge winners announced

‘Apps for Metro Chicago’ contest final Grand Challenge winners announced

The "Apps for Metro Chicago" contest began earlier this year in 2011 now it came down to the best of the best. Chicago app developers created apps based on city of Chicago data, and entered their app in hopes to win prizes, creating a large list of impressive app entries.

Ten of them were previous winners from previous "Transportation" and "Community" rounds, and were automically re-entered to be judged in the "Grand Challenge", which made up the final round of the "Apps for Metro Chicago" contest of 20 total apps in the judging pool.

The final round "Grand Challenge" voting ended on Friday, December 16, 2011 and the ten app finalists emerged as winners to receive prize amounts were announced in a press release.  The judging criteria were based on functionality, creativity, longevity and usefulness.  After 6 months and over 70 apps submitted, here were the judges' picks of "Apps for Metro Chicago".

The final ten Chicago app finalists that won prizes are in the list below:

  • 1st - Spothero efficiently connects parking demand and parking supply.  We allow parking spot owners to earn income by renting their spot when it's unoccupied. ($10,000)
  • 2nd - TrailBlaze Chicago records and anonymously reports your bicycle tracks, allowing you to vote for new paths simply by carrying your phone while you bike. ($5,000)
  • 3rd - OwtSee is an Android based and a web based application that presents information about the Chicago parks and community events in one convenient place. ($3,500)
  • 4th - Chicago Local Guide is an android app meant to help local people as well as tourists find interesting places and points-of-interest near them; locate specials and promotions from local businesses; get updates on cultural, social, and technology events around Chicago; and hear breaking local news. ($2,000)
  • 5th - Mi Parque is a bilingual participatory placemaking web and smartphone application that helps residents of the community contribute and share their vision for the future of Little Village's new parks. ($1,500)
  • 6th - FasPark helps drivers find street parking in real time. ($500)
  • 7th - AllSchedules gives you access to a huge collection of transit schedules, for different transport modes (bus, metro, train, tram ferry, etc.), in multiple cities around the world. ($500)
  • 8th - OkCopay is comparison search engine for medical care that allows users to search for the procedure they need, compare local providers, and view their actual prices. ($500)
  • 9th - IFindit Chicago is an android app that is designed to help low income and homeless Chicago residents connect with critical resources such as medical clinics, food pantries, shelters etc. ($500)
  • 10th - Taxi Share is an application designed to increase efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and cut down on already congested streets and highways.  The app allows users to find each other and share a cab to popular destinations around the city and to the major airports. ($500)

This final judging brings a close to an innovative contest for apps, using an open-data initiative and bringing good ideas to Chicago's public in the palm of their hands on their mobile devices. To learn more about Apps For Metro Chicago, take a look at AppsForMetroChicago.com for more details on the entire contest and to get updates and news about future happenings and ideas related to this contest.

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