Chicago Game Jam was a success; brought together city game developer scene

Chicago Game Jam was a success; brought together city game developer scene

IGDA Chicago had recently held an event that brought all game developing enthusiasts together for a "Chicago Game Jam". Or, in other words a gathering of all people for a competition to develop games in a two-day period taking place at Toy Studio, a social media and mobile game development studio, in the Wicker Park area.

Christian Arca, Studio Director of social game development Toy Studio, hosted the event at the studio's ground level space.

The goal of the Game Jam was to develop a game in 24 hours. There were six teams that competed and raced against the clock while attempting to make a completed game using the software and technology of their choice. The only guideline was that it had to include the theme of "Chaos Theory" in it.

Jay Yearley, your writer of "Media Tech Connection", was part of winning Game Jam 'Team Sweet'. We built a game called Fire Starter which has a simple goal and complete concept to set fire to buildings in a cityscape, and get points for burning down small to large buildings which earns points. The goal is to get the most points which turns out to be a very addictive  experience.

During the event the team received a consulting session from Joshua Hernandez, Executive Vice President of TapMe Games, (a groundbreaking in-game advertising company in Chicago), and also Jared Steffes, Business Development Director at TapMe, who both gave our team some guidance in our game developing process.

Several other game professsionals from around Chicago such as Eugine Jarvis, were on hand to speak and offer advice at the Game Jam.

Gaming is growing with mobile device usage continuing to grow in Chicago. The ease of developing for mobile platforms is much easier than it used to be. This is in large a part due to the continued support of Chicago game making efforts, focus panels, and events such as the recent Chicago Game Jam. Stay tuned to more announcements of game jams in the near future, and be a part of the growth of Chicago's game community.

Visit the Chicago Game Jam Web site for more details of how the Game Jam turned out. Check out the full Game Jam coverage, video, team list and event recap by Toy Studio at their Game Jam coverage hub.


Pictured below is an image of Chicago Game Jam winners, 'Team Sweet', consisting of team members Jay Yearley, Benedict Fritz, Gerald Kelley, Andrew Mortega, and Ted Molinski.

Chicago Game Jam Winners

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