Introducing Media Tech Connection blog app for Android mobile devices

Get connected to your tech news with Media Tech Connector!

Introducing Media Tech Connector, a new application for Android smartphones that supplies news headlines from the Media Tech Connection blog, and what appears to be the first app available for a ChicagoNow blog.

Media Tech Connector will now also provide the top ten technology news headlines and event listings from "Media Tech Connection", and then upon a finger tap of a chosen story it will display the first part of the story in the box below the listings. Users wanting to read more details can then continue to the "Media Tech Connection" blog to read the rest of the story.

This app is currently for Android mobile smartphone devices running Android 2.2 or above. It also was created using the Adobe AIR platform so it requires smartphones to have AIR installed. This is worth the download since many other apps are now using it and will allow some flexibility in easily porting it to Apple and other devices in the near future.

So feel free to head to the Android Market and download it at:


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