Groupon Now!™ introduced for Chicago customers


Groupon has given access to their newest idea in their lineup of group buying power products, and for now it's available to Chicagoans only.

Groupon Now! works similarly to the old service but includes "a new way to find great deals nearby to use right now," as explained by a recent Groupon update.

"Any time you're hungry or looking for something to do, check out Groupon Now! on your mobile device or online to find deals in the city."


The deals for this new service last only a few hours and have to be used the same day in most cases. It is also based on location and returns results withing a few miles of the zip code that is entered. The Groupon company is hoping to redefine how people will decide where to eat and where to go to see shows, entertainment, exercise and more during the day or night.

If you're a Chicagoan, you can try out the Groupon Now! service, well, "now"!  Mobile users can also try it on the run by downloading the Groupon Now! app.



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  • People are using online coupons and daily deal sites to save more money then ever, so Groupon Now is coming at a good time. I think Groupon will see more business.

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