"Project for Awesome" day lets readers bring favorite charity into spotlight with social media


Friday, December 17th, is the 4th annual Project for Awesome.



Project for Awesome is a day where the Internet community between bloggers and vloggers come together to "decrease world suck."  In other words, we try to make this day a better place," as described by John Pham (AKA Phampants of ChicagoNow).

"On each December 17th, thousands of people come together not to promote themselves, but promote awesome.  People write blog posts and create videos talking about their favorite charity and promoting them during the 24-48 hour span of the P4A."

So, in other words you all can do this same thing by raising awareness of your favorite charity through social media using blogs, social networking sites, and online video communities. Do more than just talk about a random piece of news or about yourselves. Talk about hope today, instead. Visit the Project4Awesome Website for the full details.


My personal favorite charity, is "Red" which has had a lot of focus put on it this month. December 1st was World AIDS Day, so while that does place a charity like Red into a kind of spotlight already, it is an important one which needs to be recognized further.


An encouraging story came out just yesterday on December, 16th about a man actually being declared officially cured of AIDS, with the assistance of medicine. For more details be sure to read the important news at Gizmodo:

"Man Officially cured of HIV".

While this news is very encouraging in that it may be the beginning to ending HIV, this also highlights the importance of those suffering of AIDS in countires that do not have access to adequate medicine to combat it, such as Africa which is the biggest.

Personally, the Red charity is currently my favorite because it can be translated directly from the money given to it to saving actual lives. Please visit the Red Web site for ways to onate and bring aid to Africa. You can also help spread the word by following Red on Twitter and other social media sites.

Bing a fan of U2 music and singer Bono has helped in appreciating Red more, as Bono has a big part in raising awareness for it also.

After reading the book "Bono", it brought home a big point about preventable diseases.

"Eight million people die every year for the price of going out with your friends to the movies and buying an ice cream. Literally for about $30 a head per year, you could save 8 million lives. Isn't that extraordinary? Preventable disease - not calamity, not famine, nothing like that. Preventable disease - just for the lack of medicines. That is cheap, that is a bargain," he has said.

This is true and it seems aid is often found when many others are involved and know the cause. This is a call for all to help spread the word of charities and then be involved today!


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