For one local high school, teaching children may not be important.

While I was eating dinner last week, a good friend of mine, whose child attends Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory High School,  had informed me that the technology/entrepreneur program was being eliminated from the school’s curriculum. Brooks which is located on Chicago’s far south side at 111th and King Drive, is one of the top academic... Read more »

What started as a classroom project may become the next big thing.

With so many news headlines these days centered around young people destroying the lives of their peers – here comes the story of a young lady whose trying to enrich our lives and turn the tide on the negative stereotypes that have become the label of today’s youth. Morgan Brock, came up with the idea... Read more »

What is really behind the constant bashing of President Obama

Day after day, as this election draws closer to a conclusion –  the attacks on the President are increasing to the point of epidemic proportions. I think Bill Clinton said it best in his speech at the DNC last week that he has never seen a President “hated” so much as Obama. I personally am... Read more »

As the teacher's strike continue, violence is on the rise in Englewood.

As we enter Day 4 of the Chicago teachers strike, more and more children are taking to the streets. They’re not wearing red t-shirts, or carrying picket signs, but they minus well have  bulls eyes on their backs. Since the teacher’s strike began on Monday, assaults and shootings are increasing with every passing day in... Read more »

Hey parents! Do Something About the Murders of These Children or Your Child Could Be Next.

Hey parents! Do Something About the Murders of These Children or Your Child Could Be Next.
Now I have had about enough. I am so tired of turning on the news to hear that another child has been wounded by gun bullets or they’re no longer among the living. This has gone on far too long and something needs to be done about this. Children are being murdered in droves and... Read more »

Living in Fear

When I arrived at 71st and the Dan Ryan Expressway, and started down Emmett Till road (AKA) 71st on the South Side of Chicago – then hit me that what have I just gotten myself into. I notice three police cars with their lights flashing have pulled over a mid – 1990’s Toyota Camry. Three... Read more »