Let's talk about the new 104.3 JAMS

Friday was a sort of Earth shattering day in the Chicago FM radio community. While I was shuttling my kids around after school, I turned to what I thought was 104.3 K-Hits only to discover 104.3 K-Hits was now 104.3 JAMS. Sure enough, on Friday Entercom closed on its purchase of stations from CBS Radio... Read more »

Why every parent needs to watch the Whitney Houston documentary "Can I Be Me"

If you asked me what I was doing at this moment exactly 30 years ago, chances are I would be in my parents’ family room, MTV blaring with me trying to sing – emphasis on trying – Whitney Houston’s #1 hit “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” which was on heavier than heavy... Read more »

Not sure what to say after a friend loses a parent? Break the silence with one of these sympathy cards.

Card #1, page 1. Perfect for those afraid of saying the wrong thing.
As many of you know, my mother passed away two months ago and I’ve been on the receiving end of quite the spectrum of expression, ranging from an outpouring of sympathy via cards and meals – I even still have a couple in my freezer – to absolute silence. The silence is isolating but not... Read more »

Am I the only mom who can't stomach the violence in Game of Thrones?

Unless you live in a cave you know that last night was the premiere of Season 7 of Game of Thrones. My husband is hooked and he joyfully joined over 16 million other GOT addicts who were finally able to get their fix last night after over a year of withdrawal. I felt like no matter... Read more »

United Airlines isn't as horrible as what you read in the news

It’s almost becoming cliche to say the friendly skies of United Airlines seem not-so-friendly lately. It all started with the passengers flying as pass riders who were kicked off for wearing leggings which apparently is outside of United’s employee attire policy. Of course that video of the doctor being dragged off a United Express flight by... Read more »

What I am giving to my dying mother on her last Mother's Day

It would be an understatement to say I have always been conflicted about Mother’s Day. My mother always made a big deal of it, dropping hints of what she wanted for months ahead of time. When I was younger, high school and even before, I rolled my eyes at it, declaring it a Hallmark Holiday... Read more »

Here is what I discovered in searching for April 7 showtimes for "Gifted"

Back in January we took the family to see “Hidden Figures”, a wonderful movie I might add. Before the movie we saw this trailer for another Octavia Spencer movie, “Gifted”. With a gifted son, to say this caught our attention is an understatement. Like Mary, the main character in “Gifted”, my son is gifted in... Read more »

No Volkswagen, making babies is not that easy, not if you deal with infertility.

The other night I was watching the late news when this new Volkswagen ad promoting its new 2018 Atlas SUV came on. Dubbed the “Luv Bug” online, the ad shows a young couple alone in their Beetle. The car is clearly in park but is bouncing around, the windows are all steamed up. You get... Read more »

After bedtime, now I get my hour

It’s after 11:30. I am so very exhausted as my day began a little more than 18 hours ago. Every fiber of my being wants to crash into bed and enter that sweet, cool realm of darkness I have been looking forward to all day. But not yet. Everyone else is asleep, my husband who has... Read more »

Am I the only parent who follows the twenty-four hour rule?

For the second time in two weeks my son is home sick with a stomach bug. I am now back in that familiar routine of having a can of Lysol within arm’s reach at all times and wondering who here will fall victim next. My odds are on the four year old who to date has dodged... Read more »