Art Outlives Politics

Art Outlives Politics

Better than crack:
Growing up, all us kids were exposed to great experiences, cultures, and art. No matter what was happening, art was there. Hot, or cold, active or lazy, republican, or democrat; the art outlived it all. I didn’t know it then, but the presence of artwork in my family home, would shape me into the collector I am today.

My siblings and I would always joke that there wasn’t an inch of wall space left for my Sainted Father to place a piece on. My Mom, herself a fan of art in its many forms; has never been as possessed as my Father; when it comes to its procurement. That may sound harsh of my Father, but it’s not meant to be. I think that possession to surround one self with artistic impression is a healthy one. In fact, he would always say “It’s either art, or cocaine.”. I’d say he made the better choice!

Over the last few years, I’ve added works to my growing collection. Many of my pieces have been generous gifts from my parents. Some I’ve picked up along my travels and others; at charity auctions and such. There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing a form of art, and getting to buy it. Sometimes it’s expensive; other times, it can cost a few bucks. You’d be surprised at the places you can find creative works.

Just a few weeks ago, I found my friend, and New York artist, Ian Sklarsky doing his Blind Contour Portraits (Drawing with one line, without looking at the paper) at Chicago’s famed Angelina’s. I'm truly overwhelmed by the amazing talent and passion that Ian shows in his art. To be truthful, his work is beyond bizarre. But, that is what I love about it. You’ll not see anything like it.

I wanted Ian to draw me, as a gift for my Father’s 75th Birthday. With dirty martini in hand, Ian looked into my eyes and began his process. I hadn’t realized what an intimate exchange it would be to sit for Ian. I honestly didn’t want it to end. The drawing he produced was superb and my Father adored it! I loved it so much, I asked to sit for another one, for my collection. You can see more of Ian’s work here.

You never know when you might be moved to add, relocate, or hang your artwork in a new fashion. Just last week I was flipping through my Instagram, and happened upon my friend and designer, Kiel Wuellner’s photo of his flat in New York. Its funny how a simple photo can change your world. Instantly, motivation and ideas filled my head. It was time to make a creative change to my own place. Thank God for Mitch Pennell!

Creative Couture:
I’ve known Chicago Lost and Found’s, Mitch Pennell for a long time. Get around him for longer than five minutes and you’ll quickly see his creative ability and talent. Mitch is also a gifted person, when it comes to the placement of art. He’s every art collectors dream pal. To set the stage, I make a few hors ‘devours, chill a few bottles of white and turn on the jazz. From there we get to the Feng shui.

Well, I don’t need to tell you how marvelous it all looks! I’m like a kid in a candy store, in my own home. I want to encourage you to think about developing a collection of your own. I think you’ll find its impact will last beyond your years!

Adoring art!

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