Gay marriage stays safe in Iowa following Senate election

Gay marriage stays safe in Iowa following Senate election
Senator Elect Liz Mathis (D-IA) credit ::

Linn County, Iowa — Democrats have held a crucial senate seat in a special election in central Iowa Tuesday. Had the seat fallen to Republicans, it would have allowed the Iowa Senate to potentially proceed with revocation procedures of legal gay marriage in the state.

The seat was made open to special election after incumbent Democrat Senator Swati Dandekar resigned to take a high paying job appointment from Republican Governor Terry Branstad to the Iowa Utilities Board.

Democrat Liz Mathis garnered 56% of the vote against contestant Republican Cindy Golding in the district just outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Between the two candidates, almost $1 million was raised in the race with Mathis outspending her opponent by nearly 3 to 1.

Mathis win maintains the Democrats 26-24 majority in the Iowa Senate, keeping Republicans from pushing a strictly conservative agenda which may have included an attempt to repeal gay marriage in the state. She supports marriage rights for same-sex couples.

The election campaign was so malignant that an unknown group set up an automated calling to prospective voters or "robocall" yesterday instructing voters to inquire of Candidate Mathis the following: "Homosexual marriage obviously involves homosexual sex. So before you support Liz Mathis, call her at 319-899-0628 and ask her which homosexual sex acts she endorses."

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  • Fear and ignorance abound, but progress is being made. Even Republicans have begun to back away from gay marriage as one of their core social issues because they know, in the long run, the battle can't be won. Kids are going to decide this issue and kids are standing up for their gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered friends. When Iowa—IOWA!—legalized gay marriage, the nation was shocked—delightedly so by every champion of civil rights. Deepest thanks to the clear thinking people of Iowa. We owe you! Craig Hallenstein

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