Clubbing at Lou Mitchell's

Clubbing at Lou Mitchell's
Lou Mitchell's Club

Lou Mitchell's is a place that needs no introduction. It has been a long standing Chicago institution since 1923 having served everyone from truckers to presidents. Lou's begins the infamous Route 66 and has become notorious worldwide as a "must see" destination in Chicago, so you must be asking yourself how is Lou's Offdabone.

It is simple; most know Lou's simply as a breakfast spot and to be fair their breakfast is great. If you are on a diet this is not the place for you as the portions are tremendous. A one egg breakfast is really two and two egg breakfast is really four. It is hard to talk about Lou's without mentioning the famous donut holes and milk duds (if you are a lady or child) you receive upon entrance to this fine establishment. Personally the donut holes are reason enough to visit, but as a growing boy just donut holes won't cut it. I have learned in my many visits that a bit of flirting with hostess can go a long way in earning you another delicious crispy but airy golden brown donut hole covered with just the right amount of powdered goodness.

The gloriousness that is the Lou Mitchell Donut Hole

The gloriousness that is the Lou Mitchell Donut Hole

The Lou Mitchell Club is my go to when not attending for breakfast. It is your typical club sandwich in that there is nothing fancy about it, like Chipotle Mayo or garlic aioli or any other new age condiment. It is simply just an extremely well executed club. Crisp bacon, fresh produce and carved turkey sandwiched between three perfectly toasted pieces of bread, served with a heap of fries and coleslaw. The turkey is juicy and fresh. The menu is quite expansive, having more than your typical diner options if you are not a club fan. The meatloaf is another fan favorite. If you are lucky though (it was a one day special I have not seen again), they will have the Chiquita banana special. Just ask, it is worth the look of confusion.

If you find yourself in the Loop area looking for a real down to earth no frills establishment that never disappoints, Lou's is it. Even if you are not hungry it is worth the pop in just for a couple donut holes. The breakfast is as good as it gets, but venture off the beaten path and go clubbing Lou's style.

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