Chicken Planet or Chicken Heaven?

Chicken Planet or Chicken Heaven?
Grill man hard at work at Chicken Planet

The real question is, is there really a difference when it comes to Chicken Planet? A hole-in-the-wall joint frequented mainly by traders (from the CBOE) or anyone else who wants a relatively healthy, delicious, and reasonably priced lunch. Chicken Planet never disappoints. The menu is simple: chicken, chicken, or more chicken. Your options are whether you get it in sandwich form or by the quarter, half, or whole. There are a few other choices I guess, like what kind of side you want. Nothing unusual: mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and a few others.

I stand corrected the only real decision is how many of each of the sauces you want. Your choices are between a fantastically tangy bbq sauce (perfect complement to the chicken) or a "hot sauce". I wouldn't so much call the hot sauce a hot sauce as I would call it a salsa verde with a slight kick (equally as delicious as the BBQ sauce) that goes well not only with the chicken, but even better with the mashed potatoes. For a place known for their chicken the sauces are surprisingly great.

1/2 chicken platter

1/2 chicken platter

With the name Chicken Planet, you are probably wondering how I have barely talked about the chicken three paragraphs in. There are reasons, but the main reason being that this succulent, juicy chicken is grilled to near perfection every time. It is simple: the chicken is delicious and cheap. There have been weeks where I have found myself at Chicken Planet five out of five meals in a week. Ignore the fact that nine times out of ten there is a line out the door (it moves beyond
quick), as there are few places in the city that offer the quantity and quality of food that Chicken Planet does for the price. Only two words come to mind yum and value.

This is truly a get your hands dirty type of meal: my favorite kind. Where is your favorite chicken in the city?


Fun add on: For a perfect complement to a delicious, relatively healthy meal, stop by Saucy Porka right around the corner on Financial for a set of banana nuttella donut holes. You will not be disappointed.


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