The Stallion Joins Off Da Bone

The Stallion Joins Off Da Bone
The Stallion: Off Da Bone from Day 1...

The Mayor Daily is proud is introduce another contributing editor to Off Da Bone: the search for the best finger food in Chicago. The Stallion brings his passionate love of food and voracious appetite to the pages of Off Da Bone where his posts will be regularly featured on The Mayor Daily every Tuesday. Without further ado meet The Stallion of Off Da Bone - Mayor Daily

Some people eat to live and some people live to eat, I am certainly the latter. For me it may just be that simple. I have always been one to try new things and not shy away from the obscure.

It all began between year one and two when I had a habit (as any kid does) of pointing at whatever my parents were eating and saying, "I want, I want". Luckily they obliged from Gray's Papaya dogs with red onions (the only way to get them in NYC) to hot chili peppers straight from Chinatown. Quickly my parents realized they were in trouble because I was always ready for my next bite, unless it was Brussels sprouts (a food that IMO can only be tasty when paired with another).

My hunger for the next great bite has never dissipated, unless we are speaking about AYCE (all you can eat) as my eyes and interest for trying everything is at least twice the size of my stomach. Couple that with my inability to leave food on my plate (values instilled at a young age) and it spells one word...trouble, but that has never stopped me.

I have literally travelled the world in search of what the world has to offer in terms of food. Having been to every continent other than Australia (very high on my list) and Antarctica (up there but not quite as high) I can honestly say there is not one cuisine that is better than the next. Most people travel to find the best beach or to find an interesting site to see, I travel to experience a delicious meal. Whether it be shark fin soup in Hong Kong or pigeon pie in Morocco, you better believe that if a place is known for it, I will either know about it and have already have tried it or have it on my list of places to visit.

When not eating or thinking about eating you can catch me watching or playing sports. I grew up in NJ, went to school in Madison, Wisconsin (with a six month hiatus in Italy), spent about five years in NY after college and now reside in Chicago; all the while eating my way through world. I like to think that each place I have visited has taught me a thing or two about cooking or baking and inspired some of the creations I have concocted in the kitchen. My most popular dish which has been twenty six years in the making (to put that in perspective I was two and a half years old the first time I attempted it), is Mac N Cheese, which I think would hold up against the best this world has to offer.

All that being said I love to get down and dirty when it comes to food, it’s part of the experience. That doesn't mean you will not find me at some of the finest establishments in the world, but to me it's all about taste. I could care less about how pretty something looks if it doesn't wow my taste buds.

From that first aha moment (over some of the best fried chicken in the world on a road trip back from Nola) when The Mayor and I were arguing about food, well more so enthusiastically discussing and agreeing upon what makes great food great, I knew the Offdabone concept was perfect for me. It’s a concept that any person who truly appreciates food could get on board with. It is first and foremost about the best, but it is also about finding those hidden gems or less known places. If a place is awful you will not find it here, because we only needdabest and only want you to havedabest.

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