Off Da Bone: The Mayor Daily's Search For the Best Food In Chicago

Off Da Bone: The Mayor Daily's Search For the Best Food In Chicago
Need Da Best

Do you love eating but hate the douchiness and negativity associated with most food critics? If so, welcome to your new favorite spot on the Internet: Mayor Daily's Off Da Bone. Off Da Bone is a permanent series of blog posts highlighting the best food in Chicago. Off Da Bone will review classic, under the radar, neighborhood joints in Chicago. When I'm outta town and eat something I feel you must try, you're going to find that here as well.

If you're a 'foodie' in the traditional fu-fu sense this will not be the blog for you. Off Da Bone is only interested in checking out places where you primarily eat with your hands. We're goin' out searching for 'da best' chicken, gyros, pizza, ribs, wings, etc that Chicago has to offer.

Off Da Bone seeks to be decidedly blue collar. This is the food blog that's more sweat pants than skinny jeans. It's more more Palace Grill than Capital Grill, more Twin Anchors than Tavern on Rush, more Billy Goat than Girl & the Goat.

Off Da Bone is a food lover's blog for working stiffs. There will be no frills, no bullshit with Off Da Bone: just real food, for real people. We're looking to highlight the best of the best. It's the eating advocate for the everyman, the people's champion of chompin' down.

If you're looking for angry rants or biting criticism about a restaurant there's plenty of that crap on Yelp. The only thing I hate more than wasting a meal is wasting time. If I go somewhere that sucks I'm not wasting more than 140 characters on twitter about it.

We're only looking for for the tastiest entrees under twenty-five bones. If you need reservations I ain't going there. If I can't sit down wearing a pocket-t and a dirty ol' Bears hat, I'm not interested. Outside of that I'm down to go anywhere, the more divey and decrepit the better, so long as it's delicious.

In Off Da Bone The Mayor Daily will take you around the city in order to uncover the best beef, ribs, wings, etc that Chicago has to offer. Off Da Bone seeks to be interactive. I want my readers constantly contributing with suggestions and tips. What do I mean?

Does that little pizza place by you randomly have the best Italian Beef you've ever had. Does the hot dog stand across the street also make mouthwatering fall-off-da-bone ribs? Does the dive bar on the corner make the best buffalo chicken fingers strips? Does your favorite deli make an incredible sandwich that's not on the menu? This is the shit I want to know about and share with my readers.

Next time you're eating something you love reach out to me on on Twitter (@offdabone) and Instagram (@offdabone). Having a meal that you think would be perfect? Use hashtags #offdabone and #needdabest.

I want you to tell me about the places that make you the happiest and have you leaving the fullest. I am willing to follow my stomach all over this great city in an attempt to quell my insatiable appetite, driven always by one phrase: need da best, need da best.

If you have a twitter follow @offdabone now. To get the full experience be sure to follow @offdabone on instagram. For tips on restaurants I need to try, questions, concerns, etcs  please email me at

Thank you Chicago. I'll be sure to have you eating better in no time.

Check out my first installment of Off Da Bone right here.

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