513-0: Its the Budget Stupid!

513-0: Its the Budget Stupid!

The 2012 presidential campaign will go down as the campaign of sound and fury. After an estimated $6 billion spent by the candidates and their affiliated Super PACs what did we really learn about either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? If you lived in swing states such as Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, or Colorado you learned that Mitt Romney pioneered outsourcing American jobs to China, hide his money in off-shore tax havens, and bullied a high school classmate who later turned out to be gay. If you started a business you learned from Barack Obama that "You didn't build that." If you don't pay federal income tax you learned from Mitt Romney that your part of the "47% of Americans who are dependent on government and see themselves as victims." If you followed Donald Trump's twitter account you spent five days wondering if the President of the United States was actually going to release his college applications in exchange for a $5 million donation to charity.

The messages of both campaigns has been micromanaged to cater to the most marginal undecided voters in swing states. Never has so much money been spent to target so few people with such a small message. Instead of talking about entitlement or tax reform Democrats and Republicans sparred on contraception and coal. Arguably the only time in the entire campaign that we got a serious discussion on policy issues, during the first debate, one of the candidates decided not to show up. For this reason, in the campaign's closing hour, I have decided to return the rhetoric to what I believe is the most fundamental issue confronting all Americans in this election: the rise of our national debt.

Simply speaking, our $16.222 trillion (through Nov 1) national debt is the single greatest threat to national security confronted by the United States of America in both the long and short term. Since Barack Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009, the national debt has increased by $5.595 trillion. To put this number in simple terms, consider that if every American under the age of 18 equally divided the debt amongst themselves they'd  each inherit a debt of $218,676. Instead of working to sure up the finances for previously existing entitlements, Obama slammed ahead with the largest expansion of the Welfare State since LBJ's Great Society in passing the Affordable Care Act without a viable plan to pay for it. While I don't question the importance of the ACA, I would argue that it was passed in an incredibly irresponsible manner summed up in Bob Woodward's book Price of Politics by the words of then Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, "We have the votes, fuck 'em."

That said, Obama's greatest failure as President was not ObamaCare (although you wouldn't know that from the way it was presented in TV commercials and avoided like the plague on the stump). Rather, Obama's greatest failure as President was his inability to pass a budget in the last three years that tackled the rising tide of federal debt in any type of a meaningful way. His FY 2013 budget failed to win a single vote in Congress. Learn more about it here. It was voted down 99-0 by the Democratic controlled Senate and 414-0 in the Republican controlled House. Think about that, his budget failed 513-0... FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN TO ZERO!!! That not one elected member of Congress regardless of party affiliation was willing to side with his joke of a budget tells you all you need to know about Obama's economic stewardship.

Because I care deeply about the fiscal health of our nation I enthusiastically voted for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and urge everyone else to do the same. Quite frankly, one would be hard pressed to find two men in all of American politics better qualified to restore fiscal discipline to the United States (with the possible exception of a certain Governor next door in Indiana). The decades of competent and pragmatic leadership displayed by Romney in his time as a management consultant, CEO of Bain Capital, Mormon bishop, Olympic organizer, and Governor of Massachusetts make him uniquely qualified to be President of the United States. In fact, Romney's sterling resume would stack up favorably to just about any of the 44 men who have previously been elected President (with the possible exception of Thomas Jefferson). Paul Ryan's unparallelled knowledge of the federal budget and tax code will help him lead the charge to balanced books. Despite the criticism that his budget has received from Democrats for its severe entitlement cuts, at least Ryan had the courage to lead when so many others in Washington were content to sit on the sidelines. While the Ryan Budget is by no means perfect, it at least serves as a starting point to a well-formulated bipartisan budget.

Without a credible budget, there simply is no plan of action to solve our nation's budget deficit. Without a plan to reduce the deficit we continue on the path to insolvency.  Each day that our government operates without a road map to cut the deficit is a day we as a nation fall deeper and deeper into debt. We can not afford four more years of Obama. If not for this reason alone it is imperative that Mitt Romney is elected to be the 45th President of the United States tonight. To ensure our nation's bright future we need to get our financial house in order. Until that happens everything else is simply noise. Vote for Mitt Romney for President.


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